Your annual report package

Our features

Chart generator

This Flash-animated tool enables the tailored creation of graphics with the aid of interactive selection and preparation options. The respective selection can be saved and printed out as an image or an Excel table. On request, the ChartGenerator can also be integrated into the customer’s corporate website.

Compare to last year

This function offers a link on each page of the online report to the corresponding page of the last year’s report. Explanations and figures can therefore be quickly and easily compared over several years.

Open PDF page

This function offers a link on each page of the online report which opens the PDF at exactly the point of the content shown.


After a detailed analysis of the content, we offer a network of “further information” based on the report structure. These are links to thematically related content. The concept is familiar to that of online shops: “Users who are interested in this topic normally also feel addressed by XY.”

Download manager

The PDF Manager enables the production of a tailored PDF containing chapters selected by the user.
The Download Manager uses a shopping basket function to merge files (Excel, PDF or MP3) into a personal .zip file.


As a point of reference for dialogue, users are invited to give feedback on certain topics in a textbox. The completed form is either sent as an e-mail or entered into a database.

Indexed XLS file

The indexed Excel file contains all the report’s tables in different worksheets. The values are formatted to enable further calculations. According to feedback from customers and users, this compiled file is one of the biggest advantages of the fully automated production process behind a Comfi online report.

Interactive single chart

Graphics and tables from the printed report are animated as bar, line or pie charts. Any graphic or table in the report can serve as a database.

iPad version

A native iPad app is created based on the complete HTML version of the report. It offers intuitive menu guidance as well as a powerful search function, videos, links to further information, layer glossary and iPad-specific finger movements, such as zooming or browsing.

Layer glossary

The glossary function offers the explanation directly “on mouseover” of the term requiring clarification.

Listen to the report

Lean back and listen. This function reads the content of a report aloud as audio files.

Moving image

Interaction between the user and the report is boosted through multimedia preparation of the content. In this way, Comfi always makes sure not to hamper access to the information.

Print manager

The Print Manager makes a note of contents during the session for the collected printout. These can optionally be printed with or without images, to save time and toner.

Search tool

Following extensive user analysis, a search function was developed that offers important advantages over searching in a printed document (PDF): hits that match the search are presented arranged by relevance (title, subtitle, copy). The searched term is emphasised in colour for better identification, both in the hit list and on the pages themselves.

Search engine optimization

Users increasingly locate the online report through search engines. The best possible indexing of the report’s contents is thus key to coming high up in the search results. The Comfi Content Management System (CMS) is optimised for this.


With this “guided” search function, the user is offered important search terms in a selection box. This guides the user to the most important hits, regardless of spelling or synonyms.

Top 10

The 10 most frequently accessed pages of the report are displayed via a database interface. The data is generated in “real time” and therefore always up-to-date.