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Do you often organize open doors days, seminars, stakeholder meetings for your company or organization? Do you plan roadshows when going for an IPO or do you want to present new products, services or findings during a press conference? Do you want to do this in a creative and cost-saving way? And, do you wish to optimize the effectiveness and results of your events?
Successful organizing of events requires thorough preparation, a large dose of creativity, strong organizational skills, but, before all, a good insight into the resources and techniques which often make the difference. Comfi discusses with you how you best can reach your objectives and increase your visibility.
Comfi presents a strategic plan and accompanies you each step of the way:

  • Draw up a comprehensive briefing and/or pitch for your event partners
  • Find your way in the event landscape
  • Pitfalls which must be avoided
  • Which aspects should be outsourced and which should not
  • Efficient budget management
  • Measuring and follow-up of the outcome of your event